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  • Sodium Carbonate(Food additive)
  • Heavy Soda Ash
  • Soda Ash
  • Soda
  • Baking soda Detergent
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  • Non Clear Patterned Glass(NCP)
  • Ultra Clear Patterned Glass(UPC)
  • Middle Wired Glass(MWG)
  • Borosilicate Glass(BSG)
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  • AR coating ultra-clear glass for architecture
  • Ultra-White(AR) Glass-Solar
  • Low Iron TCO
  • Clear Low-E Glass
  • Sun-Shading LOW-E
  • TCO
  • Automotive Glass
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  • Single layer Sponge Silica fireproof Glass
  • Multilayer Sponge-Silica insulated fireproof Glass
  • Boron silicon Monolithic fireproof Glass
  • Perfusion Type Fireproof Glass
  • Tinted Glass

    Tinted GlassBrief introduction of Tinted glass and High Quality Float Glass      Tinted glass, also called body colored glass, has characteristics of low UV transmittance, good shading

  • High Quality Float Glass

    High Quality Float GlassThickness: 1.6mm to 6mm.Size: It can be produced according to customer’s requirementApplication AreaAutomotive Windscreen, Industry Product, ElectricalPanel, High-end Mirror an

  • Ultra-Large and Ultra-Thick Glass

     In 2008, Jinjing produced 22mm and 25mm ultra clear glass with ADS machines, the maximum size is 18000*3660mm, edge quality and processibility have been widely recognized by customers. We produc

  • Anti-reflective glass

    Anti-reflective glass, which uses dip coating way to make antireflective film layers on the two surface of the glass, greatly reduces the glass reflection compared with the raw glass, and its highest

  • Ultra clear glass

    Ultra clear glass      Jinjing is the first domestic production of Ultra clear glass enterprises, relying on more than 10 years of production experience and leading technical advantages

  • Solar Ultra Clear Glass

    ‘UL TRANS’ Solar Ultra Clear GlassBrief introduction of Solar Ultra clear glass       ‘UL TRANS’Solar ultra clear glass is a kind of low iron glass with transmittance higher than 9